10 things that make me happy


  • Saturday Mornings

Waking up with a fresh clean face. This is one of the few times (unfortunately) that I feel beautiful without makeup. Friday nights are usually pretty dull for me, on purpose. At the end of the week I am exhausted and all I want to do is go to sleep. Waking up on a Saturday morning, and laying in bed for however long I want to is just the best feeling in the world to me. Being able to look out my window and watch the sun or the wind in the trees from my bed is a whole other level of relaxation.

  • First Coffee of Your Day

Coffee, well, it’s not for everyone. But I’m not everyone. But when you wake up in the morning tired and anticipating a busy day ahead,  coffee is my jam. though it does not wake me up in any kind of way it just gets me ready for my day. I can get the shittiest brand of coffee, but still have it every morning. One of my favorite things about coffee is putting the creamer in it. If I’m not in a rush I will put my coffee in some sort of see through cup just so I can watch the creamer! I think the way you like your coffee says a lot about you as a person, but maybe that’s just me. But when you mix that something strong, something milky, and something sweet in your favorite mug, how could it not bring a smile to your face?

  • Seeing Girls Be Nice to Each Other

As much as us girls like to say there’s a lot of girl love in this world, there is not. Girls (and boys, don’t get me wrong) can be so nasty to each other. This is more than comments or likes on social media, though comments and likes are appreciated (help a girl out). By being nice to each other, I mean lifting one another up. A compliment can make someone’s day. So when I’m out and I see a girl rocking her outfit or I love the way she did her makeup, or a girl who is rocking her no makeup look I will go up and say,

Okay, wow, you look so good without makeup on, I envy your confidence.

Girl! I love that fit! Where do you shop??

I don’t mean to be weird, but you are so pretty! Your makeup is done so well, good for you!!


  • Laying Naked in Bed

This ties back to my Saturday Mornings. When I wake up in the morning, with a naked face, I think my body should match. Not only is it comfortable, but healthy as well. Letting your body free of tight clothes or any clothes at all and just letting it breathe is so important. (If you are a girl your vagina will love you!!) But when I am fresh out the shower, I sit with my towel on my head, in my bed, naked for at least 30 minutes. It’s a time to relax. Another thing it helps with, is your confidence. Seeing yourself, for everything that you are is so important. The more often you do it, the easier it is to accept.

  • Going Thrifting


    Madison and I thrifting

Finding new things is so much fun. When thrifting, you just find so many things you wouldn’t find anywhere else, and for a very good deal. Most all of my clothes come from thrift stores here in my town. Before I went thrifting and I would want “vintage” clothing I would pay some crazy amounts online, but now I find all my vintage jeans and shirts at my local thrift stores. They are GREAT for high wasted shorts, and almost all of my big baggy sweaters are from thrift stores. LIFE HACK: little boy t shirt sections at thrift stores are great cheap crop tops.

  • Laying in the Sun

Whenever I am just too stressed out to live my life, I will go lay a blanket down in the grass. Plant myself on that blanket. Stretch out, get real comfy. Close my eyes. And just breathe. Feeling the way the sun is slipping into my skin and seeping through my clothes brings me such ease.

  • Making Sure my Sexual Education is Sufficient

I don’t know about you, but I care about equality. I care about women and men getting the same, having the same, and being viewed the same. So every now and then I will just read up on how people are treated, how to treat people, how everyone should be accepted, and how it is not yet like that. Reading all of these things, does not typically bring me ease, but fighting for them does. It is so important to me to keep my education updated and sufficient because you can’t fight for something if you have no idea what or who you are fighting for. What makes me happy, is enlightening people on how we need equality, but we have not yet reached it; but one day we can.

  • Fresh Beddingbed

Getting into bed after a long hard tiring day, is nice. But getting into a nice clean, smells like daffodils, and feels like a teddy bear bed, is so much nicer. Growing up I always wanted my bed near my window, and I suppose I usually got it. When the sun creeps through your windows and warms your sheets, getting into bed is just that much more relaxing.

  • After a Long Rainy Week, a Sunny Day

As much as I love the rain, the sound, the smell, the way it feels on my skin – I also love going outside, not having to sprint to my car and get soaking wet, but just simply be. Being able to put my favorite sunnies on, or being able to roll my windows down helps me. Scientifically, sunshine does make you happier. Places like Alaska, where the sun can disappear for days, suicide rates sky rocket. As sad as that is, it is true. Sunshine makes you feel good. Always take the time out of your day to soak it in and enjoy it.

  • Festive Activities

As much as I love Christmas (IN DECEMBER) we must not forget about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time for your family to come together and spread love to each other and eat your stinkin hearts out! So when it’s November, do not talk to me about Santa Claus and Christmas lights. Talk to me about food and plan we can plan a Friendsgiving. With that said, eat your hearts out!! And tell your friends and family you love them this Thursday!!


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