A Letter to My Younger Self

Dear 13-year-old Cameron,

hey kid. it’s been a while. I’ve got a few things I’d like to tell you. So, here it goes, I hope you like your futuristic  kind of passive aggressive self.


You’re about to enter a phase in your life where it seems trendy to hate yourself, and you will. Your friends will not help with that either – because they do too. Girls will not be nice to each other and it will soon turn into a frenzy. Girls will be vicious to each other and honestly, that never really changes – and you will never fully understand it either. Just try to be nice to everyone and continue to keep to yourself. I would recommend to branch out a little and don’t be as shy as you are until you decided to show yourself a little. Also little baby, boys aren’t everything. Boys are stupid in high school and I can guarantee you want different things than them (or at least over half of them). But it’s okay to cry over them, they can be very upsetting at times and noone will think less of you for breaking. Breaking down can be healthy, because you’re letting how you feel out. But also, don’t always push it to the point of a breakdown. Let your feelings out and express them, they matter, you matter, you are important, and you are enough. You’re going into high school, mostly hating all of your class. Not hating as in disliking them, you hate hating them through yourself because you are so sadly lacking self confidence. Get to know those people, not everyone hates you and you will make some amazing, but also not so amazing friends and memories. High school will be (hopefully) one of the hardest things in your life to overcome. You will always do average academically, but high school itself blows chunks. You will be sexualized and ultimately, not be able to do a thing about it. The word “pussy” will be used a bad thing or sign of weakness, but it is one of the strongest things on this planet. Being a woman is amazing but also exhausting, but never give up the fight. Your own principal will tell you when shaking your hand at graduation, “Keep fighting the good fight.” There is nothing wrong with being a feminist so come out of that closet sooner and vocalize your fight for your rights. You will also be stressed, you will be upset, you will be targeted, and you will not like yourself. Though there is no reason to dislike yourself really, but the more tragic things happen, the more you will hate yourself even more.IMG_1199 But life is beautiful, and I am beyond thankful that you convinced yourself not to end it, though it will be a constant heavy thought that weighs down your mind. Remember to always be open, always be kind, always be patient, and always remember you can be your priority. Don’t stress yourself out so much over little things, don’t fight with your boyfriend over things that don’t matter, but also never belittle yourself. A biggie, though there is nothing wrong with drinking, you will not be into it, but everyone, and I do mean everyone thinks you are. It’s okay if you do every now and then, but ultimately it is a good and safe idea to keep to yourself. And that’s the only big advice I have, keep to yourself and be kind. Also, stop plucking your eyebrows so much you little shit.

and be brave, little one.




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